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Wondrous is the first dance studio in New York City that is dedicated solely to the dance of Breaking. With the tight-knit underground scene and dance studios not offering the true experience, it’s extremely hard to get correct knowledge and training in how to Break. With a space open and focused on just the dance of Breaking; students will be able to learn, excel, as well as hone their own individual craft while being guided by experienced and caring instructors.

Featured class of the week

Beginner Class Thursdays with Ivan ‘Heatrock’

Thursday 6PM – 7:30PM

For the complete adult beginner, this class focuses on the Toprock and Footwork element of the Dance. Giving you a great workout and cardio without being too reliant on upper body strength. Learn the basic steps to be able to go along with the music while getting a complete breakdown of Breakin’. Instructor Heatrock is a world level dancer while having great focus and experience teaching all levels.  

Franklin ‘Gin’

The Creator and Founder of Wondrous, Franklin Gin, has over 17 years of dance in Breaking. He has experience in all sides of the dance such as the Competitive Scene, Training, Commercial, and Artistic qualities. With extensive research from him and the well-reputable crew, Floor Obsession, we created a regiment dedicated strictly to the uniqueness of Breaking. With this program, we simply uncracked the complexity of Breaking and now anyone can learn and improve.

Grady ‘Illosophy’

Popping & Breakin’ Instructor, Grady Sullivan’s passion for dance was discovered in breaking at the age of 14, and he quickly branched out to explore other styles including gymnastics, popping, krumping, choreographic hip-hop dance, jazz, ballet, modern, contemporary, tap and ballroom. Grady has taught classes of multiple styles to children, teens and adults of all ages for over 10 years in Hawaii and NYC and has entered several breakdancing and all-styles competitions throughout the islands and overseas, with multiple 1st place wins in events, battles and tournaments including RU Breaks (Rutgers, NJ), Skillz Talk (Oahu), Ride The Breaks (Big Island), Uptown Getdown (Maui), and more. Grady has also performed in multiple circus events throughout the islands, including a private event with Cirque du Soleil.

ivan ‘Heatrock’

Ivan Cofield was born in Atlanta, Georgia where he and his older brother used drawing as their main creative outlet.

In 2001, Ivan graduated the Wentworth Institute of Technology in Boston with a degree in Architecture, but he never lost site of his passion for fine art. In 2008, Ivan earned a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design, at the same time as earning his BFA, Ivan danced with a few different crews and on his own time. He focused on various urban street styles which became a great source of inspiration in his dance and art.

Ivan now resides in Brooklyn, New York where he spends day and night dancing and  creating art, in all of the forms and media that he’s grown to love, now inseparable from who he is.

Eugene ‘Spydey’

Spydey has been breakin’ for 12 yrs, competing and performing for 9 yrs and teaching for 7 yrs.

Spydey is know for his ability to dance explosively and use Freezes to music. A former dynamic rocker, Spydey has learned from many great teachers and learned through hard work and experience.

John ‘Flonetik’

John aka B-boy Flonetik is a New York City artist raised in Queens has been dancing for over 10 years. He is regarded for his well-rounded foundations, clean execution, and dynamic blow-up combos. He is also part of a well renowned company Full Circle Souljahs Inc. He has participated in several major competitions and theater performances such as 2018 Breaks U x UBL, 2019 Red Bull BC One qualifier, New Victory theater, The Apollo, Kennedy Center and Lincoln Center. He is also a very humble individual, but never lets that get in the way of unleashing his attitude in battle. Furthermore, he plays a big part of instructing the youth with his breaking classes as well as his workshops all over New York City.

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Wondrous is a warm and welcoming environment where the teachers are super knowledgeable and invested. I feel as though I’m pushed and grow everyday, surrounded by supportive people who encourage and inspire me. No matter where you are at in your training this is the ideal place to learn and challenge yourself and improve alongside other motivated and caring individuals.”


It was the best decision I made to sign my kids up for this class, they love it!!! Good job instructor Franklin!!”


Great studio for anyone interested in breaking. You can meet great people, learn new things, and always get more fit. Also a great outlet for kids to be physical and develop good lifelong habits that come with dedication to a craft that requires an active body and lifestyle.

The owner is very talented and a great all around individual. I have grown in more ways here than most care to read, so I’d say wondrous is a good name that captures things that are created here.



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