Ivan ‘Heat Rock’

Ivan Cofield was born in Atlanta, Georgia where he and his older brother used drawing as their main creative outlet. His brother simultaneously inspired him and pushed him competitively. During elementary and junior high school, Ivan entered many school art competitions but never won. He continued to explore his creativity and garnered much praise from his peers and teachers for his natural talent. In high school he was introduced to graffiti art, which opened up a whole new avenue for his creative path. He quickly became very popular amongst other students when he drew stylized portraits of his classmates.

In 2001, Ivan graduated the Wentworth Institute of Technology in Boston with a degree in Architecture, but he never lost site of his passion for fine art. In 2008, Ivan earned a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design, where he expanded his repertoire in mixed media. At the same time as earning his BFA, Ivan danced with a few different crews and on his own time. He focused on various urban street styles which became a great source of inspiration in his dance and art.

Ivan now resides in Brooklyn, New York where he spends day and night dancing and  creating art, in all of the forms and media that he’s grown to love, now inseparable from who he is.

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